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It's like staring into the Sun

Greta's journal

8 November 1973

I write and I write and I read and I write.

So I want a place to try and post all the goddamn half complete and all-over-the-place writing I keep working at.
It's kind of a way I hope to urge myself to COMPLETE some things that have been lurking around the place waiting for GOD to strike from the heavens and magically make everything perfect enough to actually post.

So expect imperfection, because I'd consider that I'm an agnostic but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen.

There's RL stuff in here too. And random discussion of almost anything that strikes my fancy.

I was just asked what the rules for the journal are.
After some considerable thought I would like to announce: THERE ARE NO RULES.

Content may be of an adult nature, as I am a grown-up.

I'm open to disagreement, dialogue, and criticism. Mad approval and loving appreciation is also allowed.
If you hate anything, please feel free to flame away. I figure if I can say what I like, you can too.